Senin, 26 Juli 2021

NTP Server Stuck on booting (ubuntu server on VmWare) and also forgot root password

Yesterday got info that NTP server stuck cannot booting, so today i try to find out whats the problem, after check error message that the update kernel not finish properly, so i try the bellow step:

when show grub menu press "e" (for editor) on your keyboard 


find text with " linux" as bellow shown 


then erase "ro" and change with " rw init=/bin/bash", after that press "F10" on your keyborad 


then try  to login type "whoami" for see user active

Mengatasi lupa password pada ubuntu 

to write the password

just write "passwd" then type the password twice,  as bellow

Mengatasi lupa password pada ubuntu  

after finish type " exit"

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Service Squid Down on server linux (Red Hat/ CentOS)

Due to our proxy down suddenly, and some user cannot do browsing or access some web, i find the command to check is service squid running or no, because the server was restart but the proxy server haven't running, so i found some command from some blog or web then finally the proxy server up again and all user can do browser again. and here i copas some command to trouble shoot the problem service squid not running on Red Hat CentOS

a. To restart squid service on linux

sudo systemctl restart squid

b. when those command cannot run check whats the problem by typing the error command 

systemctl status squid.service

then you can troubleshoot the error.

c.  To verify the status of the squid service with below command:

 systemctl status squid

d. for see all status service running 



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